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The best iPhone and Android party games to play

games Planning a house party this New Year’s Eve or simply chilling with your folks? Either way, a fun and interactive party game is certain to be a real crowd-pleaser. Here are some of the best iPhone and Android apps you need to try!


1) Selfie Games

If you have a smart TV or Chromecast, Selfie Games is a fun party pleaser you’re going to want to try for yourself. Everybody in your group will need to download the game on their mobile phone before you start playing. At the beginning of the game, you all need to snap a cheeky selfie and then complete quirky tasks with each other’s pictures.

When it’s your turn, you will be given a drawing prompt and someone’s selfie to play with. You doodle away and then share the finished product with the group. Everyone then has to come up with a caption for the picture and you vote on which is the funniest or most relevant!

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2) Escape Team

Mad about escape rooms and riddles? You’re going to love this one. Escape Team is a timed puzzle game in which you have to work with your teammates.

While you each need to download the app to play this game, you can also print out downloaded materials too. These sheets will help you along the way when it comes to solving each mystery. The game will give you a short puzzle to master and a time limit to get it right. Better work fast!

3) Triple Agent

Fancy playing a game seeped in espionage? We’ve got you covered. Unlike the other party games on the list, you only need to use one device to play Triple Agent.

At the start of play, you pass the device around to each player so that they can be given their character and brief. Then, once you know who you are, you will need to complete a range of operations together!

4) Who Can’t Draw?

Basically, Who Can’t Draw? Is a visual version of the time-old game Chinese whispers. So, rather than whispering a message to one another, you each take a turn at drawing something and passing it on.

The next person has to take your doodle and reimagine (or replicate!) it as best they can… And so on. The last player must guess what the original phrase that was being drawn was. Of course, you all need the app before you start.

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5) Mucho Party

Mucho Party allows you to play arcade-style games using your own selfie avatar. Before you start, each of you needs to take a quick selfie. Snap! Then, you can play mini games within the app, in which your avatars battle it out. It’s simple, fun, and fast.

Note: There is a premium version of Mucho Party which unlocks the entire list of games. However, with the free version of the app, you can play five or six (depending on which device you have) of the games. It’s enough to keep you entertained for a while!