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Reasons That Prove An ECommerce Mobile App

Having an online presence is not just an option but a necessity today! It wasn’t too long ago that store owners were trying to figure out what they could do to increase their sales online. And there comes a new trend – eCommerce mobile app. Well, maybe your existing WooCommerce store is doing fair business for […]

Essential Criteria for New Mobile Product Development

Organizations, of all kinds, from emerging startups to long-established enterprises all contend with the proliferation of mobile app development. Customer expectations are shifting. The mobile user demands convenience and they want instant access to information. At the same time, users want the ability to explore options, regardless of where or when. More importantly, customers expect their […]

How the Coronavirus outbreak rocked the mobile app

mobile app Coronavirus- If by any chance you (still) haven’t heard this term, then you’re probably living under a rock at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. The pandemic has affected more than a million people and claimed more than 50,000 lives worldwide. This comes as no surprise that the global economy has suffered a massive […]

16 Reasons Why Your App Could Be Rejected by Apple

Apple Every day, more and more mobile apps are being built and published. If you can successfully pass Apple’s rigorous review process and get your app approved by the gatekeepers the first time around, you’ll find that great benefits await! For example, upon approval: You’re no longer left waiting for users to find you in search, […]