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Mobile Applications Will Level Up In 2020: We Explain Why

We all know that mobile apps development is big business. Recent studies foresee that the number of downloads reaches the exorbitant figure of 353,000 million in 2021, which is about 46 apps for every person on the planet. With a market that makes 131,000 million dollars a year, the high demand for innovation in the industry is not surprising: the key is to find a way to outperform the competition and be at the forefront of the sector.
One thing is clear: the app market will reach levels never seen in 2020. In this article, we will take a look at what’s coming.
Full throttle with 5G

Like new year’s fireworks, 5G technology will illuminate us in 2020, with virtually all companies prepared for implementation. There has been much speculation about 5G, but one thing is undeniable: its download speed will be 100 times faster than that of 4G. This means that you can download a movie in what it takes to read this paragraph. And, as if that were not enough, in ultra HD.
With 5G as a catalyst, the famous “Internet of Things” (IoT) will begin to see the light, with mobile applications in the foreground. A new digital era will come into play, offering a wide range of virtual reality applications, 3D games, and greater connectivity between devices.
Virtual Reality Technology
As we have said, VR technology will change the rules of the game. It will make the impossible possible and will make the unimaginable real. The limits will be exceeded, and the landscape will change completely.
The speed and low latency between the devices will make us feel next to someone who can be thousands of kilometers away from us. Even relationships could be transformed, as users can have a virtual appointment very similar to reality.
The blockchain technology revolution
If you are one of those who think that blockchain technology is only used for cryptocurrencies, you need to understand that you are wrong. The pros and cons of Bitcoin is an interesting topic.
However, the truth is that blockchain technology has multiple applications, which we will appreciate in 2020.
Blockchain technology stores data in such a secure way that it prevents modification.
Thus, it makes sense that it is used to ensure sensitive data. Health and educational institutions will start using this technology to develop applications that can help patients and students. With a global market of $20 billion over the next four years, blockchain technology has come to stay and play a leading role in our society.
Most current applications use bots for their customer service or to provide pre-established answers to the most common user problems.
However, 5G applications will demand much more. The bots will start talking and respond as if they were human, which will give a personal touch to the service. The probability of calling an assistance phone to talk to someone will soon disappear, as a bot will solve the problem. We will reach a point where the bot will detect and fix the problem without you even noticing.
Of course, such an automation process has a cost, in this case, human. What is the point of offering a customer service managed by people when a bot can do the same and for free? Many people will pay a high price for the rest to enjoy a new privilege.
Beacon technology
As we all know, the beacons serve to guide the ships and prevent them from colliding with the rocks.
The app-shaped version has a similar, although more symbolic, function. Strategically located in stores and department stores, Beacon technology will send customers wireless signals with relevant product information. The client can use this information and, through an app that will act as a personal assistant, he can find the exact product he needs at the best possible price.
“How can it benefit me?” You may ask. Do you remember the day you spent an entire morning going from store to store looking for the right laptop? Well, Beacon technology will use the essential information you provide to guide you directly to the store that has it.
The marketing potential of this technology is enormous, as it shortens the path between the consumer and the seller. Therefore, many sectors intend to incorporate it in 2020, from tourism to health.
Instant applications
Have you ever been frustrated by the amount of space that apps occupy on mobile? With instant apps, this will soon be a thing of the past.
These applications, which do not require download or installation, appear when you click on them, a bit like a website. They have all the functionalities of a standard app, but with the advantage that they offer a more fluid user experience because they take up much less space.
The expectations for this technology are very high, especially since Google launched its first range of instant apps, and next year, with the introduction of 5G, extensive use is expected. Also, developers are delighted with the idea, since these apps are much more straightforward. Without a doubt, we are facing a situation in which everyone wins.
2020 is presented as a year of significant development of mobile applications. With 5G technology on the scene and with innovation at very high levels, get ready to discover impressive things in the next 12 months.