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Mobile And Web Application Modernization

Social media integration helps boost the user engagement in the target market, and subsequently improve bottom-line results. It is an integral component of app modernization exercise for modern retail businesses. The utilization of social media combined with big data enables driving agility and efficiency across business operations.


Learn how UK-based enterprise serving customers in the retail vertical with efficient web application modernization solution. We helped them meet the next-generation customer demands by improving the app performance and ultimately productivity while optimizing the costs.

Project Overview

The online marketplace platform enabled retailers to cater and serve the teachers and students across the campus of the educational institution. And, the existing web & mobile-based applications supported buy/sell of food items, get rewards, and more.

However, the customer was seeking a user interface modernization of their existing app to achieve maximum customer outreach.

As part of the mandate:

  1. A robust, secure cross-platform solution
  2. Allow users with a one-click access through social profiles & invite their contacts to join the platform

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Challenges With The Current App

  • No social media authentication to allow users with instant access the app
  • Lack of continuous delivery of real-time offers, deals, and updates
  • Challenging to manage concurrent users on the platform
  • Poor app performance leading to customer attrition
  • Expensive marketing channel with lower profitability

Our Solution

A phase-wise implementation approach enabled to deliver the end solution in shorter time frame with limited iterations.

Phase-1: Discovery

We determined two primary must-have elements for the customer’s business:

  • Enhance in-app experience
  • Expand customer base, particularly among the students

Phase-2: Application Modernization

Our team adopted an agile methodology to offer a continuous app development module and enhancement service for the customer.

As part of the solution, we:

  • Enhanced the application backend & developed custom modules based on Laravel to meet specific needs
  • Performed UI modernization with intuitive web & mobile app interfaces
  • Integrated social authentication along with third-party plugins and extensions to further improve app performance

Even though the solution was created as an MVP- part of a quick marketing strategy, it evolved with host of new features and elements based on the inputs from our analytics team.

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Business Benefits After The App Modernization

  • Seamless user experience across devices
  • Social media login ensures prompt access to the app
  • In-app invite or sharing of offers, videos, pictures, and more
  • Increased app adoption among users
  • Reduced marketing costs with continuous, improved app performance

It enabled the customer to review daily progress and create focused campaigns to attract and retain the end customers. Today, the enterprise client can reach new, and evolved customers through their modernized application. It has helped them to become a modern player in the retail sector and meet the evolving demands of their end-users.

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