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How to Find, Lock and Format Phone Remotely

Phone Remotely Have you lost your phone and are worried about all the data and private chat that you fear getting leaked and destroying your privacy? Well that is common but it is important to come up with a good way of dealing with this. Today, we are going to discuss an app that will help you to find phone remotely, lock phone remotely and even format phone remotely so that you are able to safeguard your privacy and make sure that nothing confidential is leaked. Do not bother about which device you have, because the app that we will suggest you to use, works best in all devices be it android or IOS.

Phone Remotely

If you are looking to phone remotely, lock phone remotely and even format phone remotely then you must read things below.

Apple has a proper service that helps you to do it all. The feature is called “Find my iphone’ this is synced with icloud automatically. The only thing you need to do is insert your icloud credentials to locate the phone whenever possible. You must also make sure and keep in mind that the find my iphone feature is enabled in your mobile device.

In order to make it function, follow the steps given below.

1. If you want to find phone remotely then visit icloud’s find my phone website and log in with your details. Make sure that the same account is linked to your phone.

2. Now go to the home page, and choose ‘Find iphone’ option there.

3. This one will open a new page. Now you need to tap on the ‘All devices’ button to receive a list of Apple devices linked to your icloud account. Choose your lost iphone to proceed with this.

4. After choosing your device, you will then receive an option to locate, ring or format the same. You can pick whichever option you want to pick of your choice.


Quite similar to the iphone technique, google for android phones also has a find my device service that can be very helpful while locating, locking and formatting an android phone remotely. If you remember all the details of the google account that is linked to the phone that is lost, you can perform this solution that is given below for you. Previously, this service had a different name and was called Android Device Manager. Now google has re-branded it and its called ‘find my device.’

Given below are the steps you can make use of to find, lock and format phone remotely on your android phone:

1. Visit Google’s Find My Device website and log in to the google account that is linked to the phone that is lost.

2. When you do this, it will show your latest synced device. You can also get a list of other synced devices but make sure to choose the phone you want to locate.

3. When this is done, you must choose the device, google will begin navigating it on its own. Along with that, you will receive options to find, lock and format the phone. You can also pick any option according to your preference for this.

Phone Remotely1

Mobile Tracker Free app: the best monitoring software for android and iOS devices

Mobile Tracker Free app is monitoring software that helps to record all incoming and outgoing device activities of a particular person to make sure that they are keeping safe and also to track their phones for different reasons.
This comes in very handy and we cannot wait to tell you about the array of features, benefits, and purposes, it has to offer to you. It is really beneficial for you and you will know it when you use it.

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If you want to track a mobile phone with mobile tracker free, you should know that it is really easy to do so. Given below are a few steps to follow that will help you to track the phone effectively.

1. Prepare the phone for a download
Prepare the phone for a proper download so that you are able to download the app instantly. Make sure that you are connected to a good wi-fi and that you have enabled unknown sources and disabled package verifier for best results.

2. Install and Download the app
Now that you have prepared the phone, you must download the app by clicking on the download now on the page of the app. This will begin the download process so that you can move ahead with it. When this is done, make sure you configure the app.

3. Configure the app

Now you must create an account/register in the app so that you can give your best. You must make sure that you configure the app and sign in with proper details. If you have used the account before, make sure you log in to the account and use it properly this time.

4. You are all set now!
Now that you have filled in the details carefully, you are all set to monitor the account without any hassle and use any feature of your choice. It is that simple. Make sure that you find, lock and format phone remotely in its proper manner with the help of the Mobile Tracker free app. Do not worry as all the details are also given there to help you in the best way possible.

Mobile Tracker Free app is an incredible way to do things that you want to do and track a lost phone, find it, lock it and format it remotely. It’s a great way of taking a peek inside someone’s privacy to help them and also safeguard yours for helping yourself. In this regard, you must make sure that you use it to its best and do not harm anyone while using it as it can be very dangerous for others.