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Could we see an iPhone SE return in 2020?

iPhone SE It’s been more than three years since the iPhone SE was first released and many of us are itching for another one. After all, the device gives us a great-value alternative to many of the premium iPhone features. While we haven’t had any new Apple releases this year, there’s already talk of what 2020 may hold.

iPhone SE

Recently, Samik Chatterjee, an analyst at J.P. Morgan told CNBC that Apple could be launching four new iPhone devices next year. The three flagship iPhone handsets are rumoured to range in size from 5.4-inch screens to a 6.7-inch offering. The expert also suggested that all of the devices would adopt OLED displays, rather than LCD displays. Plus, he also claimed that all of the iPhone devices will have 5G capabilities, which would be a real bonus.

But enough about the three main iPhone handsets… What about this mysterious fourth (and final!) offering?

We’re glad you asked. There are rumours that the device will be a much-awaited follow-up to the popular iPhone SE. However, there’s a twist in this tale…

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What is the iPhone XE?

While we don’t have any solid details right now, there’s a good chance that the next iPhone SE model will actually have a different name. PC Tablet reported that the company’s next budget phone will be called… *drum roll*… iPhone XE.

According to that report, the smartphone will come complete with a 4.8-inch AMOLED display with a notch at the top, Face ID and a single lens 12-megapixel camera offering on the rear.

Under the hood, the report claims that the iPhone will also have Apple’s latest A12 bionic chip, which should mean that it will offer a smooth performance.

There’s another clue to this puzzle, though. The ‘X’ in the name could give us an idea of what we might expect from this iPhone.

The fact that Apple may be giving the device this name could mean that the device will boast some iPhone X features. With that in mind, the phone may not have a home button and could have fun extras such as wireless charging.

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Watch this Space!

Unsurprisingly, the people over at Apple HQ have not released any information about next year’s line of iPhone devices. With this year’s lineup likely to be launched in September 2019, the team will want all the focus to be on those coming out sooner.

However, if any of the above rumours are to be trusted, we could have some exciting stuff coming our way next year too. For now, we can only dream about the endless possibilities. If you’re looking for a brand new iPhone right now.