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Top 10 Tips for iOS 11 Mobile App Development

Mobile App platforms boomed in the last five years. It has not just transformed the way sales and marketing functions but has also impacted the strategy of the organization as a whole. Potential customers can now shop on-the-go whenever and wherever they desire, choosing from a range of products of different brands. According to findings from the […]

Trends In Android App Development For You

With the continuous demand of smartphones in the market, almost every enterprise or a startup has make it a point to get an Android app for their business to grow and gain more profit and clients. Around 85% of the market share is occupied by Android applications development which means if a company chooses to get an […]

5 Tips to Secure Your Mobile Development Strategy

Secure Surviving the future will require mobile adaptations of your company’s products or services. Mobile technology has revolutionized how people communicate, store data, shop, and access information. Many businesses have seen this rapid progression to mobility and have attempted to dive into the competitive global market without a solid strategy and failed. It can be […]

Why Enterprises Are Building Their Own Custom Mobile Apps

The increasing use of smartphones in recent times has increased the use of mobile apps. The mobile app market has considerably grown over the years and it is still growing. This is exactly the reason as to why almost all companies have their own custom mobile apps for business to create a much better experience for […]

8 Common Myths of Mobile Application Development

While planning for developing Android and IOS (iPhone & iPad) applications, every client will have multiple myths in their app development process. In turn, some common mobile app development myths demotivate your business from developing mobile applications. Without doing proper research many of them seeing failures more. Most Popular Mobile App Development Myths Here, we […]

Deep Link vs. Universal Link: Which One is Better?

Obviously, they are not the same, although there is still a lot of confusion regarding the topic. And it is also impossible to define which of the two is better. Both have quality and customised systems to better adapt to certain needs. Let’s start by defining the difference between the two. What is the difference […]

How To Create A Mobile App For The IoT Industry

IoT This rapidly emerging technology is already transforming a number of industries, and it seems like, within a few years, it will go everywhere, including the agricultural fields to industries, from homes to offices, just everywhere. For instance, new cars are being made that are loaded with sensors that allow having a way safer driving […]

Which is the Better Option for Android App Development?

The Kotlin mobile app development community is continuing to grow. Back in 2017, Google acknowledged Kotlin by making it the second official language of Android app development. Since then, the programming language has seen a monumental rise in demand in both the developer and enterprise community. With Google announcing that Kotlin is now its preferred language for Android app developers, […]

How Does it Impact Mobile App Development?

App How well do you know your target users? What types of apps are they likely to download? What is their willingness to pay for apps and make in-app purchases? The answer to these questions will vary depending on which mobile OS your users prefer. Understanding how behaviors differ between Android and iOS users will help you to […]

What 5G has in Store for Mobile App Development

App Can you assume a technology that could transfer millions of megabytes of data from your system to multiple devices connected globally in the blink of an eye? Well, that would be possible after the advent of the Fifth-generation wireless cellular network. In this fast-paced digital era, everyone wants everything faster and it’s difficult to […]