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8 Common Myths of Mobile Application Development

While planning for developing Android and IOS (iPhone & iPad) applications, every client will have multiple myths in their app development process. In turn, some common mobile app development myths demotivate your business from developing mobile applications. Without doing proper research many of them seeing failures more.


Most Popular Mobile App Development Myths

Here, we have mentioned some of the myths that are important before getting into a development phase. Avoiding such kind of myths will helps you to communicate better with your mobile app development company.

1. Mobile App Development is cheaper than Website development

Man peoples have wrongly understood that mobile app development is less when compared to web development. Because mobile devices are small, the company will charge you less money for mobile app development when compared to website development. Just like software development, it’s also complex. If you want to develop a mobile app, each company has to pay for the analyst, developers, designers, and app testers. So it is a myth that developing mobile applications is cheap and everybody can afford it.

2. Cross-Platform App Conversion is Formal and Easy

Every client thinks that when converting a mobile app from one platform to another one (like iOS to Android) it’s a simple process to rewrite the applications code, and that the app development company can do it easily and quickly without any errors. But it is not an automated process; developers should have to write code from the beginning.


3. Building High-Quality Mobile Apps Is Not A Big Deal

Good mobile apps can’t be developed overnight. So, it needs some time to finalizse the designs, functionality, user experience, UI and graphics. Then, only we can produce better results. Mobile apps should have to develop with the latest trends & technologies, OS versions and more.

4. Mobile Applications Require Promotion

When the competition is high and you have to survive a long way in the market it is an easy task while making proper promotions. But, it will take more effort and money to do promotions.

Doing promotions for your app helps to reach more peoples, increase brand value and app downloads. You also have to include attractive pictures, a short video about your app and a description that attracts users to find out about your app.

5. Deployment of Mobile Apps

Once the app gets released in the play store and app store that doesn’t mean that the responsibility ends there. The new features, bug fixes should be added in the new versions which keeps your users engaged and more interest in your app. Check codes should be updated correctly in the new versions wisely.


6. Developing Applications for all OS

It’s not a necessity to build mobile apps for all kinds of OS like IOS, Android, Blueberry, and Windows. It depends upon the client’s requirements. If your apps need a wider reach, then you can proceed to the other platforms.

7. App Success Depends On Functionality

Functionality plays a crucial role in each application’s success. Mobile apps with difficult user flow & multi-functionality won’t be successful. But a good user-friendly interface as well as the flow will make an app successful.

Best way to build mobile apps

From the above-mentioned points, we can conclude that these are the most notable myths about mobile app development, which most people believe.

So, don’t get stuck with these myths and just follow the right mobile app development process to stay on track. In case, you are looking to develop a mobile app for your business, get in touch with a leading mobile app development company that has many years of experience serving in the app development industry.