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5 Best Apps to Cre­ate Polls on iOS and Android

Polls Visiting people personally to gather details about their usage or perception of a particular product or industry using pen and paper is long forgotten. The practice was time-consuming, not secure, and required too much manual input to get the desired outcome. Now, the organizations are opting for dedicated Poll apps to collect information from people and company employees. Polling apps are particularly useful now as the majority is practicing work from home due to coronavirus pandemic.


The companies can use these apps to create polls, share with employees, and consider their feedback while making decisions. No need to ask them individually and manage data. Both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store are filled with polling apps to harvest the data. We have hand-picked top five options among them. The list will include features, options, price, cross-platform availability, stats, and more. Let’s get started.


OpinionUp is one of the best apps to create polls on the iOS platform. Upon signing up, you are taken to the home screen that displays the most popular polls going around the world.

Tap on the ‘+’ button and create polls. You can customize the poll question background and even add images or GIFs from the gallery too. As for the response, one can add Yes/No, Agree/Disagree, and create 2-4 custom responses. Next up, customize sharing options, and add a category. You can also share the poll on Facebook or Twitter using the in-app integration.

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SurveyMonkey keeps things simple. It won’t offer a dedicated group or home page to view the recent surveys. The app is focused on creating polls and surveys with multiple questions.

Instead of a single poll, SurveyMonkey lets you create multiple questions with several pages. Go to ‘My Surveys’ and tap on creating a new survey. You can either begin from nothing or choose from the template menu. It has some of the most common ready-to-go questions to ask the users.


Pollie delivers the perfect balance between simplicity and functions. The software is specifically designed for small screens, and you will see that once you start using the app.

From the home screen, just tap on the ‘+’ button at the upper left corner and add details such as a question, description, integrate image, add answers tabs, and more. I like how one can add images in the answer tab. It adds visual and clarity. One can also allow readers to vote for multiple answers.

Besides, you can take anonymous voting, which hides the name and email of the voter. One can also add custom branding and add a company logo and details.

From home screen, you can tap on the question and tap share to send the poll to friends and employees. The basic functions are free to use. The pro features such as graphs, own branding, voter email address, export to .CSV file, and many more are priced at $10 per month. The app is available on both iOS and Android.

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I know the User Interface doesn’t matter much in polling apps, but I must give it to Suggestify. The app has the best-looking design out there. It uses the white theme with gradient colors.

From the home screen, you will see the live polls going into the community. Tap ‘+’ icon, and it will open the create poll screen. You can choose a group to share the poll, add questions, hashtag, add up to six answers. While creating a poll, one can set the duration to expire the poll, turn-on/off comments, and let others share the poll further.


SurveyHeart is the perfect mixture of creating polls and forms. The biggest strength of the app is built-in ready-to-go templates. There are a bunch of templates nicely categorized in Feedback, Education, Health, Registration, Food, Travel and Tours, and Application.

You can choose among them or build one from scratch. Each question comes with multiple choices. One can also add a description of the question.


As you can see from the list above, each polling app can collect data without moving a needle. OpinionUp and Suggestify are more geared towards social use, SurveyMonkey and SurveyHeart offer better customization with multiple questions. Pollie is simple and sticks to basics.